January 25th, 2013

indoor sunshine.

but myself i can't deceive.

Title: but myself i can't deceive
Fandom: American Horror Story
Characters/Pairing: Monsignor Timothy Howard, Sister Jude; Monsignor Timothy Howard/Sister Jude
Rating: R
Words: 539
Notes: Spoilers for 2x13. TW for graphic violence and self-harm.
Summary: Ironic, perhaps, that this was a sin.

holy shit that fucking finale will someone talk to me about this?? it is not okay

lol at this being my version of "fix-it" fic for a certain character. or is there such a thing as anti-fix-it? bc this would be it oop. i sincerely, sincerely hope this happened in-universe and there just wasn't enough time to squeeze it into an hour of television because they wanted to treat us to angry donut-eating and bono jokes instead

(hello livejournal how ru long time no see is anyone even still here)

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